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Hand grip help when you can't hold on to something

Do you find it difficult to grasp with your hand?
Is it painful or just not possible for you to hold on to a handlebar or grab bar? Then we might have a solution for you
Introducing the Eos® Grip for handlebars, grab bars and countless other related applications
Eos® hand grips were originally designed to help people without opposable thumbs and/or fingers hold onto a bicycle handlebar.

As you can imagine, there are many activities that require a stable hand grip on a pole and therefore the use of this hand grip assist tool is not limited to riding a bike.

Can you imagine a situation where you have to hold on to a pole?

Some of the greatest fun in the world requires a steady hand grip, which unfortunately some people struggle with.

When you also consider the many everyday routine tasks that are quite simply dangerous or even impossible to accomplish if you are unable to grasp with your hands, you will understand why this simple little tool plays such an important role in one's life people can play

Daily activities that require grab bars or grab bars:
Getting in and out of the bathroom
Keep calm in the shower
Pull yourself up to stand
Handling a stroller or stroller

Sports and exercises that require hand grip:

Conditions affecting grip include:
ganglion cyst
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Pinched nerve
arthritis in the hands
peripheral neuropathy
Multiple Sclerosis
birth defect

In everything that man does for pleasure, there is some risk. We want to help you reduce the risk and increase the pleasure :-)

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