Spritzschutz mit Latexfarbe und Mosaikfliesen gestalten

Design a splash guard with latex paint and mosaic tiles

Processed material:
Latex paint, green
Joint compound, white
Tile mat MT0052
Masking tape, silicone, disposable gloves

After moving to the new apartment, the kitchen, although functional, was fairly pale and lacked a splashback. At the latest after the second tomato sauce, however, it was necessary to do something, so I got latex paint from the hardware store to match the green chairs at the dining table.

First, I masked the walls with masking tape and removed the outlets.

After the surface was painted (double) and dried, I calculated how many glass tiles I needed for the edging and cut the 30x30cm tile mats into strips.

Since I had glued my last tile border to the wall with silicone and this worked well, I did it the same way this time.

As a spacer, I pushed the remaining mosaic tiles under the strips and let them dry overnight.

The next day I masked the tiles with masking tape and, following the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging, stirred the joint compound. Like last time, I applied this by hand (with disposable gloves).

After the recommended waiting time, I cleaned the remaining grout from the tiles with a damp cloth and pulled off the masking tape.

Now the open kitchen goes very nicely with the dining table and chairs and is a cheerful accent in the apartment.

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