Montage von Metall-und Glas-Mosaikfliesen

Installation of metal and glass mosaic tiles

This is a step-by-step guide to installing our stainless steel and glass mosaic wall tiles.

Please note that these are indicative for informational purposes only.

Tools and materials needed (available at most major hardware stores):

- 5/32 inch or similar trowel for applying the glue.
- A grout.
- Sufficient stainless steel or glass mosaic tiles to cover the area.
- Sufficient tile adhesive. Glass mosaic adhesive is compatible with our products. Do not use tile adhesive that contains quartz/silicone sand as this can scratch the surfaces.
- Sufficient joint compound for the planned work area. Do not use grout that contains quartz/silicone sand as it can scratch the surfaces.
- A clean sponge or gauze.
- Two buckets, one for water and one for mixing the glue and grout.
- A tile cutter if removing individual tiles from the backing mat is not sufficient.
- Scissors or box cutter to cut the backing mat.
- A flat block of wood or board about 7cm wide and 20cm long and a hammer to level the mats. This prevents tiles or parts of tiles from sticking out.

Step 1: Mix your glue according to the instructions on the packaging. Apply the adhesive to the wall with the flat side of the trowel. Use the edge of the trowel to make even, deep grooves in the adhesive.

Top tip: If you're working on a large area, split it up so the glue doesn't harden and become unusable.

Step 2: Lightly attach the mosaic tile sheets onto the adhesive with even pressure. Align the following mats with the tiles.

Top Tip: Tap the block of wood lightly with the hammer to ensure all the tiles are level.

Step 3: Once the adhesive has set sufficiently, the protective cover must be removed from the tiles. If your tiles are covered with protective paper, wet it a few times with water and carefully remove it. If your tiles are covered with a plastic film, simply remove it.

Step 4: Once the adhesive has dried, wipe the excess adhesive off the tile surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Observe the times stated on the packaging.

Step 5: Mix and apply your grout and fill in any gaps. Never use grout containing sand on glass, metal and mirror tiles.

Step 6: Wait 2 hours and then wipe the excess grout off the tile surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. Use only light pressure to avoid accidentally removing the joint compound from the gaps.

Please note: we are not liable for any damage resulting from direct or indirect use of the content of this article.

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