Installation eines Einbauspülbeckens

Installation of a built-in sink

A built-in sink is one that sits on the worktop. These usually have built-in drainers, as pictured below.


You need:

  1. mounting clips

  2. sealing tape

  3. jigsaw

  4. screwdriver

  5. pencil


And this is how you do it:

  1. Place the sink upside down on the worktop in the desired location.

  2. Trace the outlines with a pencil.

  3. Draw another line about 10mm inside the outline. Now cut a hole in the countertop along this inner line.

  4. Stick the sealing tape along the bottom of the sink. Be careful not to crease.

  5. Now attach the clips to the sink in a horizontal position.

  6. These anchor clips are for worktops with a thickness of 30-40mm. If your worktop is thinner, you can clamp wooden wedges in between to secure it.

  7. After placing a mounting clip on each corner of the sink (or on 4 opposite sides in the case of a round sink), place the rest evenly around the sink.

  8. Now use the screwdriver to tighten the screws of the clips to anchor the sink in place.

  9. Note: If the overflow touches the countertop, you can simply swap out the thick gasket for silicone (this can happen if you have a thicker countertop).


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